10 Simple Ways to Repurpose your Ksoni Conditioner Tin

Whether you’re looking to reduce waste or to simply enjoy a creative DIY-filled afternoon, repurposing your Ksoni conditioner tins can be so beneficial for the environment. Not only does it save energy used from the recycling process, but it also reduces waste! 

We decided to put together ten simple ways to repurpose your conditioner tins. Once your conditioner is finished, simply rinse out with water and soap ready to be repurposed! 

  1. Hair accessories. Keeping track of hair ties and hair clips can be such a nightmare, especially if like me, you have a favourite hair tie that you can almost never find. 
  1. Jewellery. Looking for somewhere to store your jewellery while you’re showering or washing the dishes? Our conditioner tin can serve as a great place to store all of your jewellery, especially smaller pieces like earrings. This way you can also ensure you won’t lose or misplace them!
  1. Lavender seeds. One of my favourite tricks in the evening to help me relax and prepare myself to sleep is lavender! Lavender helps reduce anxiety and stress, and promotes a great atmosphere of calm. You can purchase dried lavender seeds from places such as Neal’s Yard Remedies, put them into your conditioner tin and leave it open overnight for the most calming night sleep. Plus, it will leave your room smelling heavenly!
  1. Ingredients. Head to your favourite local zero-waste shop and refill with some of your favourite ingredients! Some of my favourites to store in the tin are pumpkin seeds, dates and chia seeds. 
  1. Candle. Turn your afternoon into a creative moment by making homemade candles. You can use your Ksoni conditioner tin, along with any jars and containers that you may have collected from the week. Simply purchase candle wax, wicks and your favourite essential oils to create your own personalised candle. They also serve as a beautiful gift for friends and family!
  1. Turn your tin into a vase. Plant your favourite succulent plants! Our tins are perfect for smaller plants such as succulents, and you can even create your own pot design by painting over the tin or adding some fun stickers to create your own design.
  1. Sewing kit storage. Like me, are you terrified of misplacing needles? Turn your tin into a storage for your sewing kits to avoid misplacing any needles. If you’re feeling a little bit more inspired, you can also make a pin cushion. Simply wrap a big ball of cotton with some cloth, remove the lid and put it in the tin ready to store your needles!
  1. Candle holder. Whether it is a pillar candle or tealight candle, you can use your tin as a candle holder and create a personalised design to match your living room! 
  1. Desk storage. One of my favourite ways to use the tins as storage is by placing it on my desk as storage for paper clips, staples, erasers and any other small accessories you have lying around on your desk. Plus, it will easily keep your desk tidy and organised! 
  1. Reusable cotton rounds holder. Looking for somewhere to put your cotton rounds? The tin can be a great way to store your cotton rounds, and it’s also the perfect round shape! A great idea could also be to store new cotton rounds in one tin, and used cotton rounds in the other, making laundry day a little more bearable. 

Share your favourite ways of repurposing the tins and be sure to tag us on Instagram. We’d love to share your favourite tips!