4 Tips to Try During Plastic-Free July

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in our world today. Whilst convenient, single-use plastic accounts for 50% of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced every year. It is often discarded after just a short period of use, creating an immense amount of waste. But there are ways to re-frame our relationship with single-use plastic, simply by sourcing and using some of the amazing sustainable alternatives out there! As we kick off Plastic Free July here at Ksoni HQ, here are our top 4 tips to incorporate plastic-free products in our daily habits.


1. Long-term change takes time

We’re lucky that there are now so many plastic-free alternatives available, from metal straws to reusable coffee cups, water bottles and razors, so switching is easier than ever. But don’t be hard on yourself as you go on the journey! Research indicates it takes on average 66 days to successfully form a new habit, so acknowledge your small wins and celebrate along the way. What we found helpful in the early days was to make a list of our most daily used items, start brainstorming alternatives and then gradually convert one room of the house at a time.

One of the first products we switched were make up remover pads as they were super affordable and convenient. You can throw them into your laundry whenever you want, and mostly importantly you don’t have to purchase wipes anymore!


2. Reuse and reinvent

If you have a DIY streak, why not try making your own items as a rainy Sunday afternoon activity? Use any unwanted materials such as stained clothing, blankets or curtains to make the perfect reusable shopping bag to take with you on grocery trips, and you’ll also be sure that no one else will have the same design as you. We are slowly collecting our favourite ideas for future projects!


3. Support zero waste and refillable shops.

Being conscious of where you shop can be a small yet effective way of reducing plastic. Shopping at zero waste and refillable stores reduces our single-use plastic use and helps small businesses who need our support more than ever. Check out some of our favourite UK-based zero waste shops here.


4. Stay Inspired

A good starting point is to educate yourself about the eye-opening consequences of single-use plastic waste. We recommend watching The Story of Plastic if you haven’t already! Following Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards and joining communities and movements are great sources of ongoing inspiration, knowledge and sustainability tips. Some of our favourite accounts include @zerowastegoods, @zerowastehome, @rocket_science and @going.zero.waste. 


Check out our Pinterest page where we have boards dedicated to zero-waste, plastic-free and DIY ideas. We’d love to hear your ideas too so please share them with us!