A Quick Chat with Joe Welstead of Motion Nutrition












One of our main motivations for starting Ksoni was to increase the number of plastic-free options in the bathroom, as so few options are available. Health supplements brand Motion Nutrition is on a similar journey. In 2019 the brand introduced biodegradable and plastic-free packaging across all their products. No small feat for a category normally dominated by large plastic containers and single-use sachets! As fitness lovers we were thrilled about what Motion are doing, so we had a quick chat with co-founder & CEO Joe Welstead on this shift in strategy and what’s next for the brand.


What initially prompted you to shift to plastic-free packaging for your range of products?

I felt frustrated by pouches that were officially recyclable, but that never actually got recycled. Most pouch packaging bonds plastic to a metal layer, with both layers being recyclable but only if they are separated - which is not practical. At the same time, we were working on the visual identity of Motion Nutrition, and I wanted to make sure any change was a positive step. We focused on two elements: improving convenience, while increasing sustainability. It’s difficult to combine the two, but I’m convinced it’s the brand’s responsibility to make things easy to consumers, both in terms of using the product, and making it green.


Was it easy to make the change from a supply chain perspective? Did you find a range of suppliers available or was it a more of a roundabout journey?

We had to pull together different technologies and challenge our suppliers to work with new materials. This can be tricky, but in the context of sustainability, there seems to be more energy, more open-mindedness and willingness to try new things. It’s good to surf this wave and push things as far as we can.

Eventually, we came to a workable solution that combines single-use sachets (convenient) made of home-compostable and sustainable materials, packed in compostable and recyclable card boxes printed using vegetable-based ink, and water-laminated.


We loved that you introduced a Nootropics range in addition to your protein powders, because for us connecting mind and body leads to your best performance, whether it’s exercise, work or play. For those new to the concept, what are Nootropics and are there any benefits from a hair and skin perspective?

Nootropics are generally regarded as anything that affects how your brain works. But at Motion, we define a nootropic as something that helps you deal with stress, mental energy and sleep. We want to help you feel alive and switched on during the day, and get you to quickly relax and get truly restful sleep every night. That’s where Power Up and Unplug come in. The types of ingredients we use in these products have a wide range of benefits, and yes this can include hair and skin, with high doses of bioavailable B vitamins, vitamin D and minerals as well as blood-flow promoting botanicals.


What do you think is the biggest obstacle right now in getting consumers to embrace sustainability from brands?

Making the sustainable choice can’t be a burden for a consumer. It needs to be the indisputably better option. As brand holders, we can’t expect consumers to pick something that makes their life more difficult. So it’s our job to make products that are the most convenient, the most sustainable and the most enjoyable all round. 


We have noticed that natural foods & supplements tend to predict mainstream trends seen later in beauty & personal care (such as the increased popularity of vegan formulations, organic ingredients). What trends are you noticing in food/supplements that you think will eventually translate over into beauty & personal care in the future?

I’m enjoying a move from products with niche benefits, to products that benefit all-round health and wellbeing. In the natural food and supplement space, we are less focused on macronutrient count or pure performance benefits, and now more and more interested in supporting genuine health both short and long term. If your body and mind are performing better, so too should they be stronger and more resilient in the long run.


Learn more about Motion Nutrition here, and take their 2 minute Sleep Score quiz where you can find out your sleep quality compared to national average for your age.