Does Sun Exposure Damage Your Hair?

With all the wonderful weather we've been experiencing the last few weeks...

...there’s no denying that sitting in the sun was greatly missed this year. The feeling of sitting in a park, without a jacket, in best company is always wonderful, especially given the uncertain year that we’ve had. However, too much sunshine is not always good for your skin... or your hair!


Why protect hair from the sun?

Ever wondered why your hair creates ‘natural highlights’ in the summer? Sun damage causes discolouration and dehydration caused by overexposure. Like your skin, sun rays can burn your hair and scalp if not protected. The rays weaken our hair protein structure, reducing its elasticity and removing all traces of moisture, resulting in hair breakage. Aside affecting our hair structure, sun rays can also damage our scalp. Overexposed hair follicles can affect the overall health of the hair and can actually prevent it from growing at an optimal rate. Did you know that sun rays are just as damaging as bleaching your hair? 

The time of sun exposure before damage is hard to pin point. It all depends on the time of day, hair density and UV index! Although the damage is also irreversible, there are several precautions you can take from sun damage. 


How can I prevent sun damage?

The good news is that there’s always precautions and tips we can adopt to prevent our hair from sun damage! Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid brushing wet hair too often as it can aid in hair breakage. Stick to once/twice a day if absolutely needed!
  • Use a conditioning treatment at least once a week, or a hair mask twice a week 
  • Stay hydrated! Healthy hair starts from the inside.
  • Wear a hat when sitting out and about