Happy Plants for a Happy Space!

Who else can relate to the image above? Apparently a lot of us! The Journal of Physiological Anthropology seems to agree with us too, stating plants do indeed make people happy.

Some of the best friends we have, they give us oxygen, purify our air and just generally boost our moods. With more of us staying indoors and working from home, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of our favourite plants. This is a round up of the ones we consider easiest to care for and we encourage you to use it to make your living spaces cleaner, greener and happier.

1. Aloe Vera

Care: 3/10. Place in direct sunlight, water sparsely (approx. every two weeks) and let it dry out before watering again to prevent rot. 

Air Purifying: Yes. 

There are so many ways you can use this plant! Soothing, healing, moisturising... you're definitely already familiar with Aloe Vera. Why not place it on a sunny window shelf to allow it to purify your air? 

2. Yucca Elephantipes

Care: 4/10. Water liberally and keep it near the sunlight. 

Air Purifying: Yes

According to some Native American communities such as the Navajo, the yucca plant represents protection and purification.This is a strikingly beautiful plant that is impressively easy to grow. It can be both an outdoor and indoor plant, just make sure you keep it somewhere sunny and light.

3. Golden Pothos 

Care: 2/10. Notoriously easy to care of, these plants thrive in light or dark conditions, dry or wet vases and survive in almost all soil types! 

Air purifying: Yes

You would have to try pretty hard to kill off a Pothos plant, they survive pretty much any condition they are placed in which makes them the perfect beginner plant. They can grow up to 8ft and are one of the most effective air purifiers for common toxins. 

4. Areca Palms

Care: 6/10. They need a little more care as they are sensitive to nutrient exposure in soils and water and in order to thrive, they need to be facing some bright light.

Air purifying: Yes

NASA ranks this one as of the most air purifying plants for your home.

Originally from Madagascar, the Areca Palm is one of the most beautiful plants you can adorn your house with. They demand more attention than those mentioned elsewhere on this list, but in return you get an elegant plant that will transform your living space.

5. Boston Fern 

Care: 4/10. In terms of ferns, they are relatively easy to care for. Place them in a cool spot offering some indirect sunlight and you’re good to go!

Air Purifying: Yes

One of the go to beginner plants, the Boston fern is pretty tough as well! Make sure to watch that the ends don’t develop into a yellow colour though, that means it is being overwatered. It likes to be kept in moist conditions but not too much! 

6. Snake Plant

Care: 4/10. They are relatively easy to care for because they can stand indirect sunlight but they don’t mind being placed in shady areas as well. 

Air Purifying: Yes! It is actually the perfect bedroom plant, instead of releasing carbon dioxide, it produces oxygen at night! 

They have a good reputation as air purifiers and according to Feng Shui, if you place this plant in the right corners, it will attract positive energies into your life.

7. Chinese Evergreen

Care: 4/10. They do not like to watered too much, wait for the soil to dry out before watering in order to prevent rot and keep them facing some indirect sunlight. 

Air Purifying: Yes

They are well known for surviving in low light conditions. The darker the leaf, the better they are suited for darker conditions.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these beautiful plants! Send us a picture on Twitter @KsoniCares with your plant garden set up and send us any tips or recommendations we missed along the way!