Manifesting: Self Care, Healing, Self Confidence

yung pueblo reviews by ksoni

in appreciation of: Yung Pueblo

Diego Perez, also known by his pen-name Yung Pueblo (meaning "Young People"); a name meant to reflect humanity entering an era of growth and healing. He hopes to expand our self-awareness and release old burdens through his writing. A poet, meditator, and speaker, Yung explores self love, self care and spiritual healing.

In appreciation of Yung Pueblo's quotes, we wanted to share a few of his words (and believe me it was hard to narrow it down!). We point you to his 2017 book 'Inward'. These quotes personally resonated with us at Ksoni and the words of Yung seem to talk to the core human experience. He manages to bridge so many experiences and hit with a scary-good accuracy. 
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Today we share three quotes chosen specifically because of its concepts that challenged us throughout our journey to grow and evolve at various stages of our lives. We hope you can relate to this!
We love how careful and minimal the pages of "Inward" are. The quotes flow beautifully and compliment each other. The book feels carefully written and carefully ordered and beautifully balanced. The shorter quotes feel delicate with the absence of capital letters but the content reads extremely profound. 
Self care is not just "good for you", it's mandatory. Accepting this is really difficult for some of us and from first hand experience it's even more difficult to put this in to practice. When you realise that our own happiness can only come from within, we start to take responsibility for much more than we thought we could or should take responsibility for. It's hard work taking care of ones self but it also needs to be balanced with pleasure. We hope these quotes inspire you just as much as they inspire us.

one of my greatest
was believing
that another person
could hold together
all the pieces of me

- yung pueblo



it did not
happen overnight
and it was not
given to me by another

i am the maker
of the happiness and love
growing within me

- yung pueblo



we feel like exploding -
not because of anything
or to hurt anyone

but simply
because we are growing,
letting parts die,
so that the new habits,
new ways of being,
have space to live


- yung pueblo


Check out the book here and support your local book store if possible!