Our Plastic-Free July Pledges!

Plastic Free July is here! Launched by the Plastic Free Foundation in 2011, Plastic-Free July is a yearly global movement that reduces the consumption of plastic pollution. With 326 million people in 177 countries involved last year, the movement resulted in over 900 million kg of plastic waste avoided! 

To contribute to this year's goal, each of us on the Ksoni team wanted to make a pledge on how we plan to participate this month!


After a year of making smaller plastic-free swaps I am now looking to make bigger changes. So this year I'm going to look into a plastic-free alternative to disposable razors!


It's usually a balancing act between cost and convenience. A recent swap I made is for silicone ziplock bags which are dishwasher safe. These reusable bags mean I no longer need plastic zip lock bags for snacks, left overs or packed lunches!


After working on reducing single-use plastics at home last year, this year, I’ve pledged to reduce single-use plastics outside. Bringing my own reusable shopping bag is definitely at the top of the list, as well as saying no to plastic straws, plastic cutlery and reducing my waste when outside as much as possible!


After realising that my morning coffee cup goes to trash everyday I started carrying my own coffee cup. I request the cafe to fill up my coffee in my own mug that I carry either to university or office that way I try and reduce the waste in my own little way. Another thing that I've done is switching to washable and reusable makeup remover towels instead of cotton pads which if not organic cotton are likely to pollute rivers, damage local wildlife and severely impact our ecosystems.



Getting fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market has always been my Sunday enjoyment. And now it has a new purpose - reducing purchases of plastic-packaged food in supermarkets, because the food sold in markets is usually wrapped in paper or nothing!

Are you ready to take on the challenge too? Comment below with your Plastic-free July pledge, and stay tuned for more tips on how to participate!