Our Favourite Ksoni x Lizzies Lines Collection Reviews

As many of you may know, we embarked on a Sustainable Self-Love journey over the last two months. We collaborated with artist Lizzies Lines on a limited-edition collection and featured guests such as Trahvae and Nati’s Health to explore what sustainable self-love means to us individually and as a collective. Alongside our guests, we also involved a couple of influencers to share their thoughts on our campaign. Here's what they said:

1. Laura Ribatallada @lauraribatallada

“I have been using it for a month and I love the smell and fresh feeling due to the citrus component! It just feels great to use it in the morning - I guess that is why they described as the refreshing shampoo - and my hair has been feeling stronger and looking shinier.”

Head over to Laura’s blog to read more!

2. Lana Branisti @fourteenth.grave 

“Had my morning shower today, and tried moisturising shampoo [unati], it’s infused with floral ylang-ylang, calming lavender and hydrating argan oils. Imagine the smell? Divine.”

Head over to Lana’s Instagram to see more of her wonderful photography!

3. Frankie Fulya @frankiefulya 


“Go on, reach for your nearest shampoo bottle and you’re bound to find several ingredients lurking in there. This is why I love @ksonicares, clean, natural haircare that is good for you & good for the planet.”

Head over to Frankie’s Instagram to see more!

 4. Marie Hodge @review.it_beauty 

“All three of these shampoos lathered really well and because of the essential oils my showers were much more relaxing which I loved. Who doesn’t need some stress relief right now? I loved trying these different shampoos and I love the ethos of @ksonicares and how easy it is to recycle their products. They’re also cruelty-free – yay!”

Head over to Marie’s Instagram to explore more of what she thought. She also has a review on our Zakti Body Wash!

5. Rose Molyneux @rosemolyneux

"I loved the lavender scent and it left my hair so smooth and silky."

Rose created an amazing before and after Instagram Reel using our shampoos! Head over to see more and her beautiful hair after using our shampoo!


What did you think of their lovely reviews and photography? Comment below to let us know if you'd like to see more from our influencers!