Why Do You Love Ksoni?

Wondering how Ksoni actually works for your skin and hair type? Or stuck between the everlasting decision on which collection to try? Explore some of our favourite reviews below to see how our collections worked out!


The Green Union by Gwenda Jeffs

Gwenda shares her experience on our Jivati collection with individual reviews from her family members – herself, husband and stepson. Remember, our collections are unisex!


Welsh Wanderer by Elen Mai

Elen takes you on her sustainable haircare journey discussing shampoo bars and plastic alternatives, exploring our Zakti collection with the most beautiful and warm photographs.


The Golden Grenadine by Tanekka Fleary-King

Tanekka explores the importance of recycling household items and the concept of circular economy with our products. Exploring the spa-like experience, Tanekka’s hair was left silky smooth and soft after using our conditioner!


Our Happy Club by Megan Landreth

Megan reviews her experience with our nourishing Jivati collection, reminiscing on how the scent took her back to a trip to Bali!


Monsoon of Random by Lynsey Clayton

Lynsey explores our Jivati range and the way it pleasantly contributed to her positive mindset throughout her day. Designed to help relieve mental tension, Lynsey found the Jivati range to be perfect for de-stressing!