The Ksoni Team Pledge For Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week this year will run from September 7th to 11th, inspiring people around the world to dramatically reduce waste they create for good. Founded by Rachelle Strauss in 2008, the campaign aims to create awareness around reducing waste and the circular economy.

You're probably wondering if you can still make an impact during these uncertain times. We say absolutely yes! This week, each of us on the Ksoni team made individual pledges on how we plan to participate in Zero Waste Week: 


“We send and receive a LOT of deliveries at our house, and even though the packaging is recyclable it seems like a waste to recycle a perfectly good box after just one use. So I’m saving our packaging to reuse for other parcel send-outs to give our packaging a longer life before entering the recycling system.” 

“After years of trying to find a sustainable substitute for kitchen paper (micro fiber towels, cotton clothes etc) I've come across bamboo reusable towels which are brilliant! They are SUPER absorbent and can be used over and over again!”


“Nothing better than a wardrobe clean out to start the month! After endless walks to donation points and contacting thrift stores, I’ve discovered a pick-up service that collects from my home directly to charities and donation centres. This way, I make sure my clothes are just as loved and reused by others”


“During this Zero Waste Week, I am reusing food leftovers as ingredients for another meal. It is a fun way to reduce waste as you are creating new and delicious dishes every day!”

So how will you contribute to Zero Waste Week this year? Feel free to share your top tips in the comments!